Frequently Asked Questions

I like the idea of applying, but what am I getting myself into when I apply?

Everyone should apply no matter what. We try to schedule an initial pitch with everyone who meets the eligibility requirements. Everyone deserves to be heard, and we're here to help. The application itself takes roughly 15-30 minutes to complete and requires a pitch deck. The process thereafter shouldn't be daunting, and we provide a step by step process of what to expect at every stage. Check it out under the Apply tab!

I'm new to entrepreneurship and don't have a company. Is there a way Kickstart can help me get started?

Absolutely! Kickstart helps new founders get started through a multitude of ways. We offer starter grants for student founders that have a business or business idea, but are early in the process. It's perfect for new founders who don't have cash flows or have been in an accelerator/incubator program. Just come with an idea and we'll see what we can do for you. Additionally, we can help plug you into the school's network of entrepreneurs, on-campus organizations, classes, professors, and even pitch competitions for additional funding.

What does Kickstart look for when selecting new members?

We're excited you're interested in joining the Fund! We look for what each applicant can contribute to the Fund based on their own aptitudes. This is especially important in committee placements with designated duties, if accepted into the Fund. We look for academically strong applicants. Additionally, we look for applicants with entrepreneurial backgrounds and classes, but it's by no means a requirement. Lastly, the Fund looks for students who are familiar with Kickstart by attending info sessions, asking questions, or being involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Check out the Join tab for more info!

What does Kickstart look for in an application/pitch for funding?

In the initial pitch the three members of the Fund will listen to your pitch. We look for past successes of the company, your background and passion with the company or idea, and if we can reasonable see the company or idea as being scalable. We also like to see your "ask," as what you'll use the grant funding towards. It's the same process in the final pitch, however, the final pitch will be conducted in-person with the entirety of the Fund. We recommend companies read up on the Fund's provided Resources made available for all applicants under the Resources tab.

How soon will Kickstart get back to me after I submit the application or after each Pitch?

Great question! A Member of the Fund will be in contact with you generally within a week upon submitting an application. The Fund will reach out to you about setting up a date and time for an Initial Pitch via Zoom. The Fund will be in touch with its decision within a few days after the Initial Pitch. If selected to advance to a Final Pitch, a Member of the Fund will contact you regarding dates and times. The Fund will communicate its decision on the Final Pitch within 2 days. The Fund will include detailed feedback of the pitch and/or startup with its decision regardless of the decision made.

I've already received a Starter Grant. Would I be eligible to apply again?

Absolutely, however, there are some considerations that go into applying if you've received funding already with Kickstart. Companies can only apply once per semester, and companies can only apply for one type of grant per semester. Also, companies who have previously been awarded a Regular Grant cannot apply for the Starter Grant or another Regular Grant as it pertains to the same company. With that being said, companies can apply for the Regular Grant even if they've previously received a Starter Grant, so long as it's another semester from the one in which the company received the Starter Grant. The Fund loves to maintain relations with companies who are awarded grants, and we aim to help companies who previously have received a Starter Grant by providing eligibility for those companies to go ahead and apply for a Regular Grant.

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